The vital lessons on climate change from Australian bushfires and why India needs to worry

There are quite a few commonalities that India shares with Australia. Both the countries were part of the erstwhile British Empire; both are parliamentary democracies, though Australia still regards the British Monarch as a constitutional head, and cricket is a religion in both countries. So, if they had Sir Don Bradman, we have our Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar.

India and Australia are both renowned emitters of CO2. While Australia might not be in the overall top 10 emitter club, like India, it is definitely there in the per capita emissions club. Worst of all, Australia also is the world’s third-largest exporter of CO2 in fossil fuels, behind Russia and Saudi Arabia. And the cause for both our emissions is common too; coal.

Australia has the 4th largest reserves of coal, and India has 5th. Coal is also the primary fuel for energy in both countries, almost 60 percent in India and 70 percent in Australia.

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