Thermal power units with higher variable charges are more flexible: POSOCO

Thermal power units with higher variable charges operate in a wide operational band of ramping up and down of power, providing greater flexibility, Power System Operation Corporation (POSOCO) has said in its latest report.

“It is a known phenomenon that generating units with high variable charge would be normally used for peaking. These units in a day would be operating in a wide operational band, thus providing greater flexibility,” POSOCO said.

Flexibility is defined as the ratio of the difference between maximum and minimum generation in a day to its installed capacity. Flexibility expresses the extent to which a power system can modify electricity production and consumption in response to an expected variability.

The analysis to study flexibility of power units was done by POSOCO on 438 thermal generators. The 15-minute time-block wise average generation of thermal units was collected for the period April 2011 to March 2018, from the date of commercial operation of respective units.

“Performance of 438 thermal generators has been analysed and graded after a data intensive exercise of analysing about 60 million time blocks,” POSOCO said.

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