Third railway coaching terminal commissioned in Bengaluru

The South Western Railway (SWR) has commissioned the Rs 240 crore third coaching terminal at Baiyyappanahalli in the city`s eastern suburb for starting passengers trains, an official said on Thursday.

“The third terminal will decongest the main station in the city centre and the Yesvantpur station in the northern suburb, as many passenger trains will be operated from Baiyappanahalli station,” the Bengaluru division official told IANS here.

With increasing number of trains from all routes arriving or departing at short intervals, especially during the morning and night peak hours, platforms at the first two terminals have been unable to regulate their movements.

“Though all passengers trains have been suspended since the Covid-induced lockdown was enforced on March 25 and was extended further, testing of the yard was completed in the absence of traffic on the tracks,” the official said.

The centrally air-conditioned third terminal will enable the zonal railway to operate more trains to Chennai and Mumbai regions from October 30.

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