To Minimise Delays Due To Fog, Railways To Provide These 3 Facilities To Passengers

With the winter season setting in, trains have started running late and one of the main reasons behind the delay is the fog. And therefore, the Indian Railways has planned to offer benefits to the passengers to make their lives a lot easier. For starters, passengers will be able to know the exact location of any train through a text message.

Besides, they will also get all the relevant information from the GPS clock installed at the station.

Information at the station will be available from GPS clocks

The work is underway to increase the number of GPS clocks at the stations that will help the passengers get the relevant information about the trains. With this, the passengers will get the minute-to-minute information of the train even when they are camped in on the platform.

GPS-based clocks are currently working at 85 stations including West Central Railway Bhopal, Rani Kamalapati, Itarsi, Bina, Sant Hirdaram Nagar.

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