Tourists delight! Indian Railways Lonavala station redeveloped with selfie points, solar panels & more

Indian Railways Lonavala station is completely redeveloped, bringing new passenger-friendly facilities such as selfie points, 24*7 cafeteria and more! The Lonavala railway station, which serves the Lonavala town, a popular hill station in the state of Maharashtra, falls under the Central Railways (CR) zone of the Railway Ministry.

As the town of Lonavala is a favourite tourist hotspot, hence strong railway connectivity becomes imperative for passengers as well as tourists. In this regard, the Lonavala railway station has been redeveloped with attractive station infrastructure and advanced passenger-friendly facilities. A railway official told Financial Express Online new tasks have been carried out in the recent station development plan at Lonavala, which has redefined the station infrastructure for the comfort of passengers.

Lonavala railway station redevelopment project: Salient Features

  • As many as 231 solar panels have been installed at the station for tapping into environment-friendly energy consumption
  • Two plastic bottle crushing machines have been set up in the station premises
  • One solar water cooler has been installed
  • Three attractive selfie points have been set up for entertainment purposes
  • One new pay and park facility has been opened at the station
  • A rainwater harvesting system has been set up at the station which caters to eco-friendly consumption
  • The composting plant at the station has been redeveloped for organic decomposition of waste
  • The concourse area has been renovated by depicting karla caves and colorful lighting
  • A new 24*7 cafeteria has been opened on platform number 2
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