Train berths, bathing rooms, toilets & more: Indian Railways readies 20,000 coaches with 3.2 lakh beds; 10 facts

Piyush Goyal-led Indian Railways is ready with its big plan to convert as many as 20,000 train coaches into isolation wards for providing COVID-19 quarantine facilities. For finalizing this plan, the Railway Board held consultations with the medical departments of various railway zones, Armed Forces Medical Services, Ayushman Bharat as well as the Ministry of Health. Recently, the Railway Board had ordered all the railway zones to initiate the preparations for converting 20,000 train coaches into quarantine facilities. Five railway zones have prepared the prototypes for creating these isolation wards.

Indian Railways train coaches as isolation wards: Top 10 facts

According to the Railway Ministry, the details of the isolation wards which are being prepared by the national transporter are as follows:

  • These 20,000 train coaches which will be modified into quarantine facilities, will be able to accommodate as many as 3.2 lakh possible beds for facilitating individuals or patients in quarantine.
  • In the initial phase, Indian Railways has directed to convert 5,000 train coaches. The process for conversion has already started and these coaches will be able to accommodate upto 80,000 beds. One such coach is expected to include a total of 16 beds for isolation.
  • Only the non air conditioned ICF sleeper train coaches have to be utilized for conversion into quarantine or isolation coaches. One toilet, built in Indian style, is to be modified into a bathing room. The toilet has to be equipped with a bucket, mug and a soap dispenser. The water taps with the lift type handles will be provided in the wash basins. Similar taps will be provided at a proper height so that the buckets can be filled with water.
  • The very first cabin near the bathing room will be equipped with two hospital style plastic curtains, placed transversely in the aisle area, so that the entry as well as exit to all eight berth cabins can be completely screened off.
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