Train ticket booking: Full refund alert! FREE cancellation protection launched by Confirmtkt

Bangalore-based online train ticket discovery and booking engine, Confirmtkt, has recently introduced Free Cancellation Protection on its platform. On opting for this protection, users are entitled to get full refund at the time of cancellation without any questions asked, an official statement said.

Users opting for the ‘Free Cancellation Protection’ can cancel their train tickets 4 hours before the departure or until the chart preparation.

Tatkal passengers can also avail full refund on cancellation while the ‘Free Cancellation Protection’ is not applicable for current reservation booking tickets as of now. In case of partial cancellations, the full refund would be equal to the base fare of the cancelled passenger only.

Commenting on the FREE cancellation protection launched by Confirmtkt, Dinesh Kumar Kotha, Co-founder & CEO of Confirmtkt, said, “Most of us have come across the situation when we had to cancel our tickets due to unforeseen changes in the travel plan. In such cases, customers are usually required to pay hefty cancellation fees depending on how late they cancel the tickets.”

Kotha adds, “With the new Free Cancellation Protection, we would no longer charge any cancellation processing fee for train ticket bookings.

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