Unit 3 of Kakrapar nuclear plant synchronised to grid

The unit 3 of Kakrapar Nuclear Power Plant (KAPP) has been synchronised with the grid, a senior official of the Department of Atomic Energy said on Monday. Former Atomic Energy Commission Chairman, Anil Kakoddar, said 15 more such units will follow in fleet mode.

The 700 MW Pressurised Heavy Water Reactor (PHWR) was synchronised with grid at at 11.37 am on Sunday, the official added.

“Extremely happy to know that India’s first 700 MWe PHWR, KAPP-3, has been synchronised with grid at 11:37 hrs today (10.01.2021). True example of indigenous technology developed and built in India with with fifteen more such units to follow in fleet mode. ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’,” Kakodkar, the former secretary of the Department of Atomic Energy said.

The first 700 MW Pressurised Heavy Water Reactor at Kakrapar, Gujarat, KAPP-3 achieved criticality (controlled self-sustaining nuclear fission chain reaction for the first time) on July 22.

Kakrapar also two PHWRs of 220 MW each. The fourth nuclear power reactor of 700 MW is also coming up.

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