UT proposes not to hike power tariff as dept in profit

In a major relief to city residents, the UT electricity department has proposed not to hike power tariff for the financial year of 2021-22. The department in its power tariff petition submitted before Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission (JERC) stated as the department has been making profit, it has decided not to propose any hike.

The department made the suggestion in an annual revenue requirement (ARR) and tariff petition for 2021-22 submitted to the power regulatory body.

This will be the third consecutive financial year, when there will be no power tariff hike in Chandigarh. The last increase in the domestic and commercial electricity tariff was in 2018-2019.

In the domestic category, the approved rate is Rs 2.75 in the slab of 0-150 units, Rs 4.80 in the slab of 151-400 unit. In the slab of above 400 units, the rate is Rs 5.20 per unit in the current fiscal.

In the commercial consumer category, the power rate is Rs 5 in the slab between 0-150 units, in slab of 151-400, the rate is Rs 5.30 per unit. In above 400 slab, it is Rs 5.60 per unit.

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