WBPCB distributes gas-based ovens to laundries to reduce air pollution

In a bid to reduce air pollution, West Bengal Pollution Control Board has undertaken a drive to encourage roadside laundry owners to adopt green technologies and stop using coal-fired chullahs for ironing clothes, an official said on Thursday. As the burning of fossil fuel is causing air pollution, the board has started distribution of gas-based ovens to around 60 laundries in Lake Town area of the city in the first phase, he said.

“Smoke generated from burning coal is a major source of air pollution. We have observed that roadside food vendors and those who iron press clothes use coal-fired chullahs extensively. We have launched a drive to motivate such entrepreneurs to switch over from solid to clean fuels,” WBPCB Chairman Kalyan Rudra said.

He said the board has plans to scale up the programme to distribute environment-friendly ovens to all the roadside laundries in Salt Lake area.

A study conducted by the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute revealed that the burning of fossil fuel (coal) has been a major pollutant of air.

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