Why industrial decarbonization is an opportunity for India to fight climate change

Taking a stand against climate change, India has put forth climate commitments at various international forums. India is leading many battles by powering the future with renewable energy, accelerating sustainable mobility in the transportation sector, fostering international cooperation such as International Solar Alliance (ISA), and by financing the energy transitions from conventional sources to green technologies. Such advancements have been backed by strong domestic actions to focus on providing secure, affordable, and sustainable energy, while achieving its Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and reducing local air pollution.

Over the last few years, decarbonization pathways have emerged for sectors such as transport, power, and buildings. These pathways have been driven by technological breakthroughs and cost reduction, whereas, in practice, pathways for industrial decarbonization have proven to be particularly challenging for a host of reasons given in

In India, the industrial sector is second, next to the power sector in terms of energy consumption, and being a developing nation, it is well known that industrialization activities are expected to surge in the coming years.

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