Why the future of Electric Vehicles is bright in India

The automobile industry of India has been buzzing with new advancements, innovation and trends lately. The mention of electric vehicles, which only used to make a few heads turn till about a few years back, is gradually catching the attention of a growing number of population.

Yes, it is true that electric vehicles are on their way to soon become a bright reality in India, paving way for a positive change. The manufacturing landscape of EVs, which solely used to be dominated by the global automakers earlier, is also now seeing a rejig, as numerous Indian automakers now take a deep dive into the electric vehicle space, tapping the growing potential that the country has in store.

What is even more interesting is that the mindset of the Indian population is also slowly evolving, with many now willing to make a switch to EVs soon. A recent study has highlighted that by 2022, most consumers in India would consider buying an electric vehicle. This in itself is a key trend which is likely to trigger the growth of the EV segment in the country.

Definitely, government intervention and policy have a key role to play in promoting electric mobility in the country. Indian policymakers have been actively pushing EV adoption over the recent years

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