Within two years, 5% of Hydrogen used in refining, fertiliser sectors to be green: SSV Ramakumar, Indian Oil

Around 5 per cent of the total hydrogen demand in India’s refining and fertilizer segments will be ‘green’ by 2023-24, said SSV Ramakumar, director – research and development, Indian Oil.

He was speaking about the green hydrogen consumption obligations (GHCO) being talked about in the NITI Aayog, MNRE, and industry circles these days. He said that these discussions have singled out refining and fertilizer segments for these obligations.

“By 2023-24, 5 per cent of the total hydrogen used in these two segments will be green, by 2026-27, it will be 23 per cent, and by 2029-30, it will reach 50 per cent… the hydrogen will be converted from grey to green,” said Ramakumar at the two-day ETEnergyWorld Annual Gas Conclave.

Regarding the prospective GHCO for commercial projects in refining segment, he said that IOC has announced that the total hydrogen consumption of their Mathura refinery will be converted to grey and they are moving decisively to place the expression of interest.

“We already had a detailed discussion with more than 15 vendors who are interested in chipping in to realize our ambition… The phase one target is to convert 10 per cent of Mathura refinery’s consumption of hydrogen into green hydrogen from grey by 2023 or 2024,” he added.

IOC has just concluded the first pilot of running 50 DTC buses in the Delhi-NCR region by spiking the ordinary CNG buses with 18 per cent hydrogen.

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